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NB48-009-7 - Clutch Shoes (Set of 4) 7075 Aluminum

NB48-009-7 - Cl

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IDV-063-8 - 8mm Venturi

8mm Velocity Venturi

Ve-loc-i-ty n, 1 quickness of motion; swiftness. 2 rate of
change of position, in relationship to time; speed.

Just like the definition says: Make more horsepower and improve you
overall performance and fuel mileage of you high dollar engine!
Designed straight from aircraft jet engine technology these venturies
give substantial air flow improvement over all factory stock
venture’s. This means more usable horsepower and the ability to
hold a better tune for maximum performance.
Improve bottom end response with out sacrificing top end power.
Constructed of 7075 Aluminum and CNC cut these venturis have no match!
Complete with supplied o-rings, anodized and notched for easy removal.
For all your .21-.28 tuning needs.

The new STACKER Venturi’s have the same great flow characteristics as
our Velocity Venturis, with an added 3mm in height they further
improve air flow for even greater low end response and provide great
fuel economy! They are available in 5.5, 6.5 and 7.5mm.

NOVA, OS, GO and RB Carbs.


This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 November, 2009.